How ’bout dem Trump?

How ’bout dem Trump?

Posted by Ed Leaver, 20 July 2015

Lessee: we got this political dilettante, Donald Trump, never elected to anything not even dog-catcher, styling himself top contender for office of President of the United States, on no qualifications whatsoever other than he’s a billionaire “reality” star. Which come to think of it, after Citizen’s United, is all that really matters.

The billions, I mean. “Reality” has nothing to do with it.

But here’s this Trumped-up self-parody publicly bad-mouthing a (very) popularly elected Senator and war veteran who is in no way involved in this presidential campaign, allegedly for being some kind of loser. Which arguably he is – though losing six painful years in service to his country again has nothing to do with it.

No. Senator McCain’s – and our – real loss was the aforementioned Citizens United case, which as you may recall was all about (or initially about) a challenge by lobbying group Citizens United to an obscure provision in the McCain-Feingold Campaign Reform Act whose explicit intent was to level the election field against billionaire bozos (specifically) like – drum roll – Donald Trump.

The actual effect of McCain-Feingold may be debated, but its intent is clear. And here’s Mr. No-Service-to-Anyone-but-Himself Trump, having bought himself top-billing at the upcoming August 6 Fox News Republican Primary Debate, very publically thumbing his nose at a sponsor and principal author. Meanwhile (very) popularly elected Senator Lindsey Graham, also an honorable service veteran and arguably the most presidentially qualified of the lot, can’t even make it on stage.

Chief Justice Roberts might be proud, but I’m sure as hell not.