Edward W. Leaver
Physicist, Scientific Programmer/Analyst


Professional Experience
Adecco Engineering and Technical Services, Denver, CO. October 2011 - March 2012.
Software Engineering Associate (contract)
Code documentation for automated unit and verification tests, GE Healthcare OEC
Icarus Resources, Denver CO. 2003 - 2011
Project lead and principal developer.
Intel Texas Development Center, Austin, TX. 2002 - 2003.
Advisory Software Engineer
IBM Micro-Electronics EDA Division, East Fishkill, NY. 1995 - 2002.
Advisory Software Engineer
Circuit simulator development and device model parameter optimization.
Axent Technologies Inc., Orem, UT. 1994 - 1995.
Senior Software Engineer
Developer of heterogeneous Unix system security and access management tools.
Miscellaneous Unix and EDA contract positions, Salt Lake City, UT. 1991 - 1993.
Advanced Computer Systems and Technology, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA.
Member Technical Staff 1988 - 1990.
Hypercube applications in particle and atmospheric physics, and SDI simulations. Applications and systems programming exploiting parallel processing on the Caltech-JPL hypercubes.
  • Design and implementation of event-driven SDI battle planning simulations.
  • Helped parallelize numerical plasma simulation (Particle-in-Cell algorithm) and a client-server atmospheric infrared emission spectral synthesis code.
  • First port of SLATEC fortran scientific library to Unix environment.
  • C, C++, and Fortran on Hypercube and Unix (SunOS) operating systems.
  • Advanced the theory of ellipsoidal wave equations, with application to gravitational wave spectra of charged black holes.
Electromagnetic Applications, BDM Corporation (Northrop Grumman), Albuquerque, NM. 1986 - 1988.
Member Technical Staff
  • Interaction analysis of electromagnetic pulse and strategic systems.
  • Assisted in finite difference modeling of electromagnetic pulse effects.
  • Developed data analysis code for use at USAF test facility.
  • Assisted radar cross-section study of remote pilotless vehicle.
  • SPICE analysis of windscreen area of Air Force One.

Office of Earthquake Studies, United States Geological Survey, Menlo Park, CA. 1981.
Inversion analysis of fault plane slip information from seismic data.

Physics, chemistry, geophysics, remote sensing, climate and energy and related economic issues, electronics, hiking, music...

BA. Chemistry, University of Colorado (1974).
PhD. Physics, University of Utah. Outstanding Physics Graduate Student Award (1985).
Dissertation: ``Solutions to a generalized spheroidal wave equation and an analysis of the quasinormal modes of Kerr black holes.'' Course work included Geology, Electrical Methods of Exploration, Seismology, Solid State Physics, Electronics, and Computational Chemistry.

E.W. Leaver


E.W. Leaver, ``An analytic representation for the quasinormal modes of Kerr black holes.'' Proc. R. Soc. Lond. A. 402, 285-298 (1985).
E.W. Leaver, ``Solutions to a generalized spheroidal wave equation: Teukolsky's equations in general relativity, and the two-center problem in molecular quantum mechanics.'' J. Math. Phys. 27, 1238-1265, (1986).
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E.W. Leaver, Comment on ``High-overtone normal modes of Schwarzschild black holes'' Class. Quant. Grav. 9, 1643-1648 (1992).

Conference Participation:

E.W. Leaver, A new black hole radiation effect, The 13th Texas Symposium on Relativistic Astrophysics (General Relativity poster session), Chicago, December 1986.
E.W. Leaver, Analytic and numeric properties of new representations for the radial generalized spheroidal wavefunctions, SIAM 35th Anniversary Meeting, Denver, October 1987.
C.B. Wallace, D.W. Harmony, R.C. Smith, J.C. McClune, R.E. Cabeen, and E.W. Leaver, Nonlinear FCT simulations of MILO oscillators, APS Division of Plasma Physics Thirtieth Anniversary Meeting (poster session), Hollywood, FL, November 1988.
P.C. Liewer, E.W. Leaver, V.K. Decyk, and J.M. Dawson. Concurrent PIC codes and dynamic load balancing on the JPL-Caltech Mark III hypercube, 13th Conference on the Numerical Simulation of Plasmas (invited talk), Santa Fe, NM, September 1989.
E.W. Leaver, P.C. Liewer, V.K. Decyk, and J.M. Dawson. Dynamic Load Balancing of a Concurrent PIC Code, APS Division of Plasma Physics Thirty-First Annual Meeting (poster session), Anaheim, CA, November 1989.
E.W. Leaver. Algebraic Specialty and Black Hole Normal Modes Sixth Gregynog Relativity Workshop, Wales, UK, August 1993.

Have refereed for The Physical Review

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